Nightmare Academy - Frank Peretti

They're not hard to recognize... they're the ones you can't find. They're a mysterious team cloaked in secret identities and classified assignments. Blink and you'll miss them. They could be anyone, anywhere... even the person walking by you right now.

They're The Veritas Project team- but only a handful of people know who they really are. Elijah and Elisha are teenage twins who, along with their parents, have been secretly commissioned by the President to investigate strange mysteries, crimes, and unusual occurrences. Their job is to find out not only what happened, but why-the veritas (Latin word for truth) behind today's hottest issues.

The Veritas Team has battled otherworldly forces before, but never have they found themselves in a situation where reality is so twisted- or deadly. In Nightmare Academy, Elijah and Elisha's faith is pushed to the limit as they are swept into a "reality" where up is down, evil is real, and right and wrong have lost all meaning. They soon realize they're trapped within the gates of a world gone mad. 

My Review:
I found this a highly intriguing read. What would the world be like if there were no absolutes? No right or wrong to base one's opinions on? It was a real eye-opener with an engrossing story line. Humourous, scary, nerve wracking, and exciting, this book really delivers a punch!

Age Stamp:
This book explores thoroughly and explains in detail why a world without absolute right or wrong is so bad. It's enlightening to readers who would have a hard time grasping the consequences of this. Elisha and Elijah exhibit great faith, courage, and maturity in all their actions; acting as though their parents were with them at all times. Chapters ended on cliffhangers that keep you wanting to read more. 

They go into a bit of detail on mind control, and brainwashing. I'm not sure what some people's views are on those topics. There are some descriptions that may be disturbing of how it was to be in a virtual world, e.g. brainwashing through the eyes of the victim. It's a bit violent in places, where students go on raids in the dorm rooms at night, and people end up with black eyes, but nothing too over-the-top.

Publisher info, Other Versions, Series Titles & Curriculum:
This book is the second in the "Veritas Project" series of two books. The first being "Hangman's Curse". I may do a review on "Hangman's Curse" later on, as it's a little more graphic than this one. 

My Ratings:

Violence:[#] [#] [#]
Fear Factor: @ @ @ It's a bit scary.
Romance: None
Language: None
Christian: (Yes)
Mature Themes:X 
My Rating: *****


  1. Jonathan Garner said...
    This is a good book. I'm glad you did a review of it.
    BushMaid said...
    Cool, you've read it too. I really enjoyed it, but my brother thought it was a bit pointless, so I wasn't sure what the general consensus was about it. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

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