Alec Ramsey is the sole human survivor of a devastating shipwreck.
Trapped on a deserted island, Alec finds his only companion is a horse, beautiful, unbroken, and savage... a horse whose beauty matches his wild spirit. The first classic story of the Black Stallion, full of action, excitement and suspense, has set the pace for horse stories for sixty years... and continues to leave it's rivals in the dust.
My Review:Of all the horsey books I have ever read, this series just about takes the cake. The adventures of the wild black stallion are thrilling, dangerous, and captivating all in the same breath. Alec Ramsey demonstrates unyielding love and devotion for his horse, and displays enormous courage under all odds.
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This series contains a lot of action and suspense, just about guaranteed to hold any reader captivated. The characters show a tremendous display of courage, responsibility, and fairness. It also has stunning descriptions of landscape, and the beauty of horses.


There is a bit of violence in the books, and some killing, in wars between the 'goodies' and 'baddies' of desert tribes. Some horses are hurt when broken in, and others have mean streaks that have to be broken out of them, which isn't exactly cruel, but some readers may prefer not to read that content.

Publisher info, Other Versions, Series Titles & Curriculum:

These are quite old books, so the picture is of the newest reprint, by Random House USA, (c) 2002. There are probably several other different versions, some with old dust jackets, etc. which you could probably find at second-hand stores.

The titles in the series are:

1. The Black Stallion
2. The Black Stallion Returns
3. Son of the Black Stallion
4. The Island Stallion
5. The Black Stallion and Satan
6. The Black Stallion's the Blood Bay Colt
7. The Island Stallion's Fury
8. The Black Stallion's Filly
9. The Black Stallion Revolts
10. The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt
11. The Black Stallion Races
12. The Black Stallion's Courage
13. The Black Stallion Mystery
14. The Horse Tamer
15. The Black Stallion and Flame
16. The Black Stallion Challenged
17. The Black Stallion's Ghost
18. The Black Stallion and the Girl
19. The Black Stallion Legend
20. The Young Black Stallion

My Ratings:

Violence:[#] [#]
Fear Factor: @ @ its a bit scary.
Language: [!] maybe a bit
Christian: (no)
Mature Themes:
My Rating: ****


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