Meggie loves books. So does her father, Mo, a bookbinder, although he's never read aloud to her since her mother mysteriously disappeared. They live quietly until the night a stranger arrives with a warning. The next day, Mo starts packing but won't tell Meggie why. They must go into hiding. But from what? From whom?

Soon, Mo's secret is revealed. He has the amazing ability to breathe life into stories, to make characters come alive. Years ago, he accidentally released a merciless villain from a book called Inkheart. And now, this hateful criminal is after Mo and his extraordinary gift ...

Meggie is hurled into the adventure of a lifetime, where the imaginary has become real. Its up to her to find a way to alter the course of the story that holds them all in its power.

My Review:
As a book lover myself, I found this a must read, and I very much enjoyed the depth of this story. Like a pool of water, the further you read, you realize just how deep this story goes, that you barely realize when you first pick it up. It contains amazing concepts and ideas that could be behind the fantastic world of books that you never thought of before. The scenery is rich, the characters real and complex, and the storyline exciting and thought provoking.

Age Stamp:

I absolutely loved the way Mrs Funke painted a very real picture of what books mean to someone who loves them. The rich descriptions of how Mo works as a book binder, the genuine appreciation these characters have for books, and the way they treat them was like a coming home for me. Mo has fierce protection for his daughter, loyalty to friends, and is true to his word. I also liked the way you never can tell if one peculiar character is for them or against. One of the things that stood out most for me is how much it mattered what words were chosen. It mirrored how we should choose our words carefully in reality.

As the series progresses, it gets rather dark. Although you know the distinct difference between the good and evil, the goriness and oppression of evil lords are a little graphic. There is also a spattering of swearing throughout the series, but nothing explicit. There is an unmarried couple with children, however this is not described in detail.

Publisher info, Other Versions, Series Titles & Curriculum:
This is the "Inkworld" trilogy. Inkheart is followed by "Inkspell", which is followed by "Inkdeath". They are published by Chicken House publishers in May 2004.

My Ratings:

Violence:[#] [#] [#
Fear Factor: @ @ @ it gets a bit creepy in places.
Romance: <3 between two characters, very mild.
Language: [!] [!] a few slightly strong ones, but not filthy.
Christian: (No)
Mature Themes:X X 
My Rating: *****


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