I am one of the only homeschool graduates in my town's homeschool circle. As a bookaholic, I have spent the whole of my spare time reading, and spending time finding good books. After a while, it came about that during discussions in our homeschool group, I was able to give a lot of insight and recommendations to families for reading material for their younger children. It was unanimously suggested that I start up a site, thus- this blog was born. Originally created to give Christian advice on books for young readers, I have felt compelled to give reviews not only on junior books, but Young Adult and adult fiction as well.

I am particularly prone to reviewing books of the secular world. The reasons being that most Christians will more often then not wander into a book store trying to find good reads for themselves and their children, and can not be sure whether or not the books they choose are wholesome. Christian bookstores and publishers can generally be trusted as far as content is concerned, but not many people are fortunate enough to have Christian bookstores on hand. I for one, do enjoy browsing the book section in my local Collins or Big W. There is also the fact that the Library is one of the biggest outlets for the latest secular fiction. The library often promotes a very wide variety of fiction, but one can never be sure of how good its content is.

So is my quest with this blog. I work as a volunteer at my local library, which is known to be quite a large one. I keep a finger on the pulse as much as I can with new books flowing through my hands as I work there. I mark down books of note, judge by the cover, read summaries, memorize authors, and after all my on the job research, it continues once I get home: Looking up authors on the web, finding other reviews on them, finding out where the book idea comes from. And then I read it, and the fresh pressed review arrives at this site for your perusal. I also glean information about the latest and greatest titles from the internet, via sites like www.nanowrimo.org or www.shelfari.com .

Everything you see here I have tried to display as accurately and as truthfully as I can. I would like you to be able to trust my reviews when choosing a book for yourself, a friend, or your children. I have also striven to give an accurate account of what kind of content is found in books so you may discern whether or not they are suitable. Your comments are welcome, as are your suggestions. It's my goal that this website be a blessing to you, in helping you choosing your Philippians 4:8 standard reading. God bless you, and thankyou for taking the time to visit!


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